[Interview] Tor’s New Album: “Blue Book”

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“Drum Therapy,” your last album, came out in 2012 after a decade of work. How long has “Blue Book” been in the works?

Blue Book took me the past 2 and a half years to make.

How, or from where, do you find inspiration?

All kinds of places, other music and experiences. There’s this feeling where I just get totally in the moment whether its pacing around my studio listening to something that I’m really excited about or surrounded by really solid people where everyone’s switched on and for me all these ideas start flowing. It’s pretty rare when that feeling comes so I make sure to be aware of it and try and write things down or act on the ideas quickly.

Are you consciously, or unconsciously, shifting your music style in any direction?

I think it’s definitely changing naturally. I didn’t want to make the same album twice and I think after touring with emancipator and playing a few festivals I was inspired to try some faster tempos and heavier beats, also I think electronic music has come a long way in the past few years – there are all these producers that are really pushing things forward which has influenced the music I’m making.

What do you think fans will be, or should be, excited about in this album? What should they pay attention to?

I think after everything was finished the arrangement of tracks worked best chronologically. So basically the songs at the beginning are some of the first ones I made almost 3 years ago, and by the end you’re hearing tracks that I just finished in January this year. I think you can hear things change as it goes through and hopefully people will be excited to be along for the ride and stoked for whats next.

Has working with Loci Records and Emancipator had any influence on this album, or you in general?

I was a big Emancipator fan years before we linked up, so to work and tour with him and be there for the start of the label has been an amazing experience. All those guys are super solid and to be around people operating on that level was so good for me, I’m still learning so much.

So far you’re career has been quite private, and you’re bordering on anonymity. Any specific reason for that?

Does it seem that way? That’s certainly not intentional. I think I’m naturally a pretty introverted guy and I’ve been struggling a bit with how to put myself out there and connect with people. Now that I’m coming out with a new album hopefully that will change and people will be able to get a better sense of who I am and what I’m about.

Can we expect any tours, collaborations, or tracks in the coming year?

So far I’m playing a couple small festivals in Western Canada this summer, and working on a few things for later in the year so hopefully more news on that soon. Also I’ve got a bunch of projects lined up between now and fall 2017 that I can’t say too much about yet but I’m definitely staying on the radar for a while before going back into hiding for LP3.

Anything else you’d like to share with us?

I’m just stoked people are listening! Thanks for having me.

So are we! Thanks!

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[Interview] “Calm Mornings” by Samurai Guru

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Samurai Guru Interview

Your album Medosphere is coming out June 3rd. What can we expect or look forward to?

SG: Medosphere is very lo-fi , trip- hop and boom bap influenced. It revolves around the idea that a relationship thats falling apart. So theres a hidden message through out the album.

What/who inspires you? 

SG: Life inspires me man. As for specific people Hendrix, Dilla, Nujabes, Madlib and MNDSGN.

How did you develop your music style?  

SG: Well I started playing guitar in my early teens and was always into classical rock and stuff. Than i took a music appreciation  class my freshman year in college and met up with a goof homie of mine Matt (DJ Drebin) and he put me on to Dilla And Samurai Champloo. After that i was hooked lol. I bought a cheap hp laptop and cubase elements and he showed me a few tricks on cubase and i kept teaching my self afterward. Than i invested in machine and self taught my self how to chop and everything else and here we are today ha.

How long have you been producing?

SG: Ive been producing since I was 20 im 24 now.

Anything you’re working towards?

SG: I’m really just working toward finding a free and warm sound and hopefully being able to travel the world and play my music for others. I never really cared to much about the money aspect never have never will.

Who are you collaborating with?

SG: Hoping to finish a track i started wit Brandon* , I also worked with aku a fellow producer from vegas. Im in the beginning works of working and an ep with Myloh Remora a dope MC.

Just people from you area or also around the world?

SG: As of right now I’ve only worked with people in the US but I’m super open to collaborate with anyone just hit my email not my sound cloud message lol i never check those.

What does a typical day in LA look like for you?

SG: Wake up thank God for another day and shower. Warm up a hot pocket and roll a joint or a couple bong rips and link up with my bro’s and work on some music and if its the weekend week hit a music event if were not doing one. Other than that probably chilling with my girl and vibe’n out.

Do you have a day job as well? 

SG: Yea i work security at some college place lol gotta pay these bills but just linked up with cold busted records for Medosphere so that’s like a second job lol but i love it so if the album does well hopefully i can quit the security shit.

Do you find it hard/easy to produce music on the side?

SG: Sometimes to be honest alot of Medosphere was made at work sitting in the office with headphones lol i don’t like to make excuses man get it done however you can ha.

Are you performing live anywhere in the future?

SG: Yea were setting up a little tour here in the So Cal area this summer but i want to do some online shows for my fans in other states and countries so that will come this year for sure. But big shout out to Cold Busted Records, Alan Bran, Myloh Remora and of course The Trip and The Hop One Love SG.

Thanks, we’re looking forward to Medosphere (June 3rd)!

“Time” by Ormorje

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“I am from the UK and like a lot of Ninja Tune stuff. I play Bass and Guitar and Keys on a lot of my tracks and am looking to put out a new EP very soon (but don’t have any details unfortunately). I take influence from a lot of prog rock as well as trip-hop, chillout acidjazz and world music.” – Ormorje

A really chill track that deserves more attention! Check out Ormorje latest release, “Healing,” as well. Very similar to Emancipator’s work.

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“Myth” by Tor

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I’m not sure whether this song was leaked because it wasn’t officially released by Loci Records, which Tor is a part of. Anyway, this is a heavy, upbeat tune really got me captivated all the way ’til the end. I can sense a lot of refinement in this track and in ‘Days Gone’ as compared to his first album ‘Drum Therapy.’  I cannot wait for the full album, ‘Blue Book,’ which releases on June 3rd, 2016!

Pre-order ‘Blue Book’ on Bandcamp ($10).

“Never Do” by Lower; “Coelacanth” by Tokiomi

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We were given exclusive access to this soon to be released volume from ADSR Music, a Vancouver-based music label covering left-field electronica. The full volume will be released May 27th and I recommend you to give the whole thing a listen when you can!

Lower seems to share the kind of raw musical landscape, much like Shlohmo, for the first half of this song. Then it switches over to a very groovy hip hop beat which I like even more because of the nuanced build up preceding it. Very spacey.

Tokiomi brings in a much different experience. His strong and sharp piano fiddling lain over a heavy beat brings you into a much closer relationship to the music. More active than passive listening if you know what I mean. Love the melancholic melody.

Pre-order the volume on bandcamp ($10).