“Harlem River” by Moderator

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In general, anything from Cult Classic Records is worth a listen so I wasn’t surprised that I fell in love with this track they sent me. Simple, spaceous vocals and a great use of cello as a bassline provide for a relaxing tune. Good for when you need to get stuff done.

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“My Freedom Has No Price” by KOGNITIF

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This track combines many different samples and instruments into a trippy whole. Very impressive and very fun to listen to. I recommend giving a listen to the rest of the album.

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“Pork Chopz” by Beatru Originator

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This comes closer to acid jazz, but couldn’t resist sharing this head-bobbing goodness.

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“There Is A Reality” by Common Tiger

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An enlightening message introduces a spacey but grounded track with an emphasis on drums and acoustic bass.

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“Eyes” by Martin Hasdrubal

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A fresh track with smooth vocals setting a chill mood.

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“Hear The Vibes” by Lord Finesse

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Been a while. Here’s a jazzy, instrumental hip hop track that caught my interest.

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“Earthchild” by Stereodyssey

•April 7, 2015 • Leave a Comment

Stereodyssey approached us with this one, his first single from Anomalies (a 4-track EP). His music-producing career started with minimal ambient instrumentals and has moved on to absorb styles from other great trip-hop artists like Bonobo and Tycho. I am very impressed with this track and I’m equally surprised that Stereodyssey hasn’t come up before! His ambient roots definitely show up in this single (in the form of synths that, irrelevantly, remind me of the movie Interstellar). But beside the calming effect of the melodic simplicity in the background, Stereodyssey has included some incredibly catchy drum beats that are the perfect cherry on top. But to add some great samples of children and voices to ‘up’ the trip-effect was probably the last drop–this is a new favorite!

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