“Diamonds” by Emancipator

•August 6, 2014 • Leave a Comment

This is a preview for an upcoming Loci Records compilation, and also Emancipator’s first track since his latest album “Dusk to Dawn.” What Emancipator, who achieved fame with “Soon It Will Be Cold Enough To Light Fires” at only 19 years old, is known for is his ability to mix and mash a wide variety of sound elements into a clean, catchy, and intriguing whole. For this song specifically he combined his familiar acoustic guitar and violin duo with Pacman-like sounds in the background (see if you can spot it!).

Buy on Bandcamp ($1). 

“We Can’t Be Friends” by Dream Koala

•June 2, 2014 • 1 Comment

If you’re like me and having trouble retaining lucidity this fine Monday morning then you will have an even better experience with this sleepy and dreamy track. Dream Koala has also put out a new album (Earth. Home. Destroyed.) recently which I have greatly enjoyed; you can hear some of it on his SoundCloud.

Buy on Bandcamp (€1).

“Un Jour Comme Un Autre” by Degiheugi

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Wow. This is my find of the week I think. Exhilarating, French, trip hop. Words can’t do it justice.

Buy on iTunes (€0.99; the song is near the bottom, called “A Day Like Any Other”).

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“Outside The Box” by 40 Winks

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I hadn’t heard of 40 winks before. Very upbeat track, which I’ve been into lately. Makes me think of Acid Jazz but really only because of the fast drumbeat. It’s almost drum ‘n’ bass! This one is for you if you need a little pep to get you up and goin’!

Buy on Bandcamp (€1.00)

“I Fell In Love” by Gidge

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This one starts out real soothing, sad, or ominous. I’m not sure which. In any case, it’s an incredibly diverse, hypnotic song. Definitely worth a full listen, though I’m not sure whether it’s trip hop, downtempo, or ambient. Probably somewhere in between.

Free download via the SoundCloud widget.

“Gumball Machine Weekend” by Yppah

•May 21, 2014 • Leave a Comment

I was very surprised to realize that I had not posted any of Yppah’s great work yet, so I went with one of my favorites (though I’ve been listening to Never Mess With Sunday for longer than I can remember). This is nr. 2 in the album “They Know What Ghosts Know” (Bandcamp link) which was released in 2009. Yppah debuted his first album with Ninja Tune back in 2006 which, if you didn’t know, is a big deal. Yppah paints psychedelic soundscapes that whisk you away from whatever you were doing. It’s a good blend of synthetic instruments, sounds, and voices with a solid acoustic drumbeat and bass line. Close your eyes and try to immerse yourself in this rich, captivating experience.

Buy on iTunes ($0.99 for the song; $9.99 for the album).

“Quinoa” by Mr. Slim

•May 19, 2014 • Leave a Comment

Some jazz influences in this very soothing and cool song. Some great sound elements, especially in the intro. The keyboard and saxophones work surprisingly well together. Loungey, foot-tapping goodness perfect for driving a convertible Chevy to the beach with sunglasses on.

Buy on Bandcamp (£1 GBP)


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